Weathering, need help

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Thread: Weathering, need help

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    Weathering, need help

    Lookin for info on how to weather EVERYHING! Clothing, boots, heads, gear etc. What types of paints, how to apply, what kinds of tools?

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    I don't have much experience weathering personally, but looking at all of the veterans' bashes and reading the info they give out helps a huge amount!!! Just grab some model paint(testors,tamiya,model master) different degrees of brushes even toothpicks and sewing needles. Some thin-out their paint, others don't. Some apply fine sand paper to clothing and uniforms. Some use pastels to weather everything from figures to clothing and gear. Alot of them will tell you to first try it on a peice of not-so-good gear and the only way to perfect the skill is through trial and error and lots of practice. These are only a few ways to weather everything!!! Hope this helps a little!!!
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    Go to "Forums" "Custom Tips" There is a wealth of info and tutorials there.
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    Question DML Nam Vests, How to weather it?

    One of the Nam Era Kitbashes shows a weathered vest made by DMl. I would like to make one of these for a project i am doing (extremely new to weathering) but i am confident i can do it correctly if i was told what to do.
    i know i have to go out and get some chalk pastels (Tamiya weathering chalk?) I would like some board info if you have any? Thanks in advance.
    One Shot out!

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Weathering, need help