Well, when I first heard that the 5.56 mm ammo links were coming out I thought my 1/6 prayers had been answered. Then I got them and saw the Dr. Figs messed them up like everything else they make. First of all the bullets are to long and they have to much space between each round as seen in the pic compared to the old rubber links. They remind me of WWII 30 cal rounds just smaller.

If you want to fix them it is a lot of work but it is the only option for 5.56 mm ammo links right now. I hope BS or SS with put these out with the correct size soon. I would suggest passing these if you do not want to spend the time fixing them.

With my hopes crushed I decided to fix them and this is how I did it. First remove the bullets by pulling them out with pliers and separating the links and bullets.

The Bullets are to long so I used my drill as a lath and with a sharp file I cut the bullet at the notch at the flat end. Then I made a new notch with the file. the bullet turned out to be just about the right size.

The links are to wide and I filed the sides down on the outer two circular holders.

I then bent the circular holders towards each other with needle nose pliers.

Now put them back together the same way you took them apart. You can see that the Bullets are shorter and closer together in the pic with the original links on top.

Here a few pics comparing the two in the SS marine Saw. The first pic is the original links.

and a close up of the links, the first pic is the original links.

Now the Ammo Links fit in the saw's ammo tray.