Why Can't I post?

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Thread: Why Can't I post?

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    Angry Why Can't I post?

    I would love to share my Diorama project with you all, but for some reason I cannot post, comment, etc. in the diorama forum? It seems strange that I'd be blocked from participating or commenting in some forums, while others appear normal. I've tried contact the admins, but no reply, and am frankly at the point where I'm just considering packing it in on here. This site seems kinda mickey mouse, not really supporting something I've put a lot of time and effort into.
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    Re: Why Can't I post?

    Sixth shooter, the diorama forum is a View-Only archive section to save dioramas that were posted to the General Discussion originally. Please share your diorama project in the General Discussion. I'm sorry for any frustrations you may have experienced.
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Why Can't I post?