Try to get topics in their right forums.

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Thread: Try to get topics in their right forums.

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    Try to get topics in their right forums.

    I really like OSW, but just find that each time I log on I have to wade through loads of posts that really are not what I really am looking for. Being really interested in the 18th and 19th Century era of warfare, I have to plough through postings of modern, WWII, and fantasy / sci/fi before finding anything.
    There are other forums for different eras, but maybe they are not used as people seem to want full exposure on the main forum page.
    Just a thought, not a 'bash', just thought I would say my bit.

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    Reasonable enough, tho the way OSW's set up, threads and posts about onesix start out in Gen'l Discussion. The period/subject-specific areas are archives, i.e. read-only. The usual drill is to copy a thread into there, and if someone wants to addd a comment, they can do so in the origianl, found in GD. The catch is keeping up with archiving, as we perform other tasks.

    Additionally, many enjoy the mix on the discussion page. it allows them exposure to subject matter they might not have been familiar with/interested in before. The Search function is probably our best solution to singling out specific subjects, but a member shouldm't hold back from asking either.

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Try to get topics in their right forums.