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Thread: 08 Contest?

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    08 Contest?

    I know I'm not that active on this forum but I pop in here a lot and loved the energy that the contests generated. I was wondering why there hasn't been a contest here in a while?
    My vote for a contest topic would be video games. There would be a lot of stuff to choose from and it seems a lot of people here have been drawing influence from video games as of lately, I know I have. It would give me a great excuse to work up some new stuff.

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    Staff is a bit wary of contests, given a number of problems regarding prizes being held up. The competitions themselves functioned well, with excellent entries. Getting the awards where they belonged and in a timely matter, became a full time effort for staff and others who picked up the dropped ball.
    While those who came thru in a pinch deserve the highest praise, it's become a matter of locking in prizes before any consideration of starting a contest would be undertaken.

    Which leaves contests for pride of place/fun.
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    I'm obviously new to the forum. I've recently gotten into the collecting hobby. I see a lot of talent and dedication to the hobby. Sometimes admiring how realistic some custom work & good lighting can make a 1:6 figure look. Prizes are always good but I think the praise of likeminded individuals can go a long way. I sure would love to see everyone come up with some good custom work (specially the top tier customizers).

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08 Contest?