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Thread: Members' Geographical Map

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    Question Members' Geographical Map

    until TWO years ago, there was a map under 'FORCE MULTIPLIERS' menu on top
    pin-pointing each members' world-wide locations !
    ( where there were only THREE on the Korean Peninsula )
    has this been disabled ? or I've lost my way ?
    mean-while in Ode to those who served here :
    1. eternal G.i.PlayGround iTaewon is fine
    . . with more LGBT, Arabs & Africans as Japanese tourists give-way to Chinese

    2. long-talked-about relocation of US Forces from YongSan
    . . to PyeongTaek just South of Osan Air Base
    . . is still scheduled to complete in 2016.
    3. there are now NINE CostCo warehouse store branches through-out
    . . with only THREE around the out-skirts of the Capital,
    4. and the over-due IKEA furniture outlet will open next year-end
    . . in GwangMyeong, near its KTX bullet-train station, South-West of SEOUL
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    Re: Members' Geographical Map

    Sorry for the late reply, just saw this. I looked around, and found the feature, but it's dead and put away. There was some discussion of the matter in the following thread (more than I remember) -

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    Re: Members' Geographical Map

    Yeah, I remember the members map. That was a good tool. Too bad it's dead...
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Members' Geographical Map