a new idea...maybe

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Thread: a new idea...maybe

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    a new idea...maybe

    just a thoght...that ive had in mind for a while...from board to board...ive noticed there is a lack of a certain base forum....

    a "vehicles" section...and yes i know there isnt a large demand for it...but i find my self enjoying vehicles and aircraft and boats and helicopters a like....

    again just an idea....im new here...dont mind me


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    Hey, ideas are always welcome, old, new, fat, thin, handsome, not so handsome.

    I myself think that is a very good idea. It is almost impossible to get vehicles where I live, so I would not mind vicariously experiencing those who do have that ability and opportunity to have vehicles in their collection.

    And welcome to OSW!
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    Hi there. Yeah, it's always nice to see when someone posts a modified vehicle.

    The main discussion forum usually takes care of that, and many vehicle posts are archived here:

    Hope that helps a bit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 88Reaper88 View Post
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a new idea...maybe