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    Let's face it...2,500 heads are better than ten.

    We built the OSW together, we've come a long way and we'd like to hear your idea on how to make the OSW better.

    Tell us your thoughts...
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    a question followed by a suggestion...

    first off, how many pm's are we 'allowed' to have?? is it unlimited, or is there a limit, if so, is it by size, quantity, etc?

    that being asked, how about a way to 'file' pms? i use email the same way--i create folders to allow particular messages to be saved in different folders...any chance we could do that here? just an idea...

    otherwise, this place rocks...i get cranky when i cant get here as often as i would like...keep up the great work...

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    Good idea billpete. I love that feature in Outlook and Yahoo Mail. However, our version of vbulletin currently doesn't support folders in the PM system. I'm not sure if the next version supports that as well. I'll definitely keep an eye out for any upgrades that will support it though.

    Currently the PM system has a limit of 800 messages for each person. When you reach capacity, it's probably best to clean out your Sent Folder first, then start with your old messages and work up from there.

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: The Suggestion Box

    Originally posted by One Bravo Four
    we'd like to hear your idea on how to make the OSW better.

    Tell us your thoughts...
    i wish people would elaborate more upon what they've done with their figures.

    i like to see the cool weathering effects that people are perfecting into an art form. but i am also curious about the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on with every one-sixth hobbyist.

    i want to know what music a person listened to when they were working on a figure.

    i want to know if they had a little drink with it -- maybe iced tea, or perhaps their favorite bashing drink is coca-cola, etc.

    i want to know if they liked what they did -- or did they get angry or annoyed when it was too difficult to thread a tiny belt thru an itty-bitty buckle.

    i like to see what's in the background when people photograph their figures -- i like to see all your other guys arranged on a shelf or in a cabinet, etc.

    i am always very curious as to whatever people were doing while working on their action figures -- did you watch NASCAR? did you take a break to eat, or just balanced a plate of pizza on the edge of your worktable? did you get a headache from squinting at little accessories? did some insignia get glued to your fingertips?

    i want to know everything about everyone's one-sixth hobbying.

    and i am sorry if that's asking too much, but i am interested.

    why can't people add a few sentences like that into a post here and there?

    sure, i like when people list the 'ingredients' for their figure -- a DML gun, BBi boots, etc -- but i'd like to know a bit more about my fellow hobbyists.

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