My suggestion to the admin

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Thread: My suggestion to the admin

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    My suggestion to the admin

    It's simple: get rid of all the sub-forums people don't visit. If you're concerned about losing content just grab some of the sub-forums you want to get rid of and turn into a main archives sub-forum. Combine that with merging or incorporating some of the sub-forums into just one, at least for some of them, and you'll make up for a cleaner forum. When people have a lot of choice, they tend to get distracted, and most people just go on about posting on the main sub-forum on top of the page anyway. You want to guide them into just enough places they can post their content so you have people contributing more in a specific way.

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    Re: My suggestion to the admin

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Actually all the sub-forums are already archives, divided into specific genres. That's why it's labeled "Featured Projects Archive ('read-only')".

    The idea was to archive old threads into the appropriate sub-forums so they can be used as reference, and for easier searching since similar topics/genres are archived in the same place. To lump all the archived threads into a single area or more generic topics would negate the whole idea of an archive.

    There are however plans in place to approach this in a much better way though as time permits.

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    Re: My suggestion to the admin

    Makes sense, if it was my forum I would just put a couple of main archive directories and get 4 or 5 main categories like the I hope I'm not sounding like I knew it all on the post, it's just a simple suggestion, but I see you already have it all covered, that makes sense.

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My suggestion to the admin