DML PaK 38 5cm anti-tank gun

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Thread: DML PaK 38 5cm anti-tank gun

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    DML PaK 38 5cm anti-tank gun

    Hello all...
    I recieved my 'loose' DML 5cm PAK 38 gun in the post yesterday!...
    The announcement of this all-plastic gun at the Nuremburg Toy Fair didn't seem to recieve a lot of enthusiam here and on another board...
    even viewed with 'skepticism'...with comments on the make-up of materials used to manufacturer this all new version of the 5cm...
    I haven't owned any of the other versions (C-H?) of this gun...but if I recall, the 5cm has been released twice in different schemes before by DML/C-H, in limited editions...please, someone correct me on this if my info is wrong...also, I had read that the previous releases were multi-media pieces, that is to say,that they were composed of different materials: styrene, resin, and vinyl(?)...again someone correct me on this if you have one of these...
    The history of the real gun pretty much spanned from '42 until the end of the war (at least in sufficient numbers)...although it was being developed from 1939-40.
    Here is a link to a good range of period and modern photos of PAK 38s in action and restored...
    This gun is COMPLETELY constructed of styrene! (save for 4 vinyl shield support rods)
    The gun's box is sturdy w/handle and the gun comes packaged 'unassembled' (5 big pieces) in two clear plastic trays with clear covers...bubble-style wrap is placed at 'wear' points along the pieces and the parts are 'wire-tied' through the clear trays to keep the pieces from shipping during transit...very sturdy...
    ( I can't comment on the "Metzger" figure that is included as a bonus with this retailer broke the figure 'out' from the gun...and, as I wanted only the gun, this worked well for both parties...a tray is included for the figure)
    The 5 big pieces consist of the carriage, (2) wheels, gun w/slide rail, and additional small sealed bag contains the gunsight, shell deflector shield, and the 4 vinyl shield supports (more about these!)
    A one-sided aheet of basic (VERY BASIC) assembly photos is included...
    DML's assembly instructions have 'evolved' over a period of time...their first effort instructions for their plastic kits weren't too bad...then, at some point, they went to photo-type assembly instructions....a BIG no-no!...after getting a lot of feedback, they more recently have gone to a very nice diagram style instruction sheet with CAD quality diagrams and very legible parts number drawings...
    Sadly, this hasn't always been the case with their new line of 1/6 scale kits....some are wonderful (PAK 36 and FLAK)...some are atrocious! (Schwimmwagen)...
    This sheet works well enough for assembling the 5 major parts, although I had a little difficulty determining the exact locating hole for the gunsight assembly (there's an extra hole that is hidden from view) and/or the shell deflector shield...(there's only 2 mm distance between the 2 'possible' locating holes so it doesn't affect the fit or look of the pieces...but I feel it's worth mentioning as a possible point of confusion...
    The carriage must be turned upside down to attach the gun and slide rail frame...a large sturdy pin friction fits from the bottom and holds these parts to gether very well!
    Did I mention that this gun is COMPLETELY constructed of styrene plastic?! (except for 4 vinyl shield support rods)
    The wheels press fit onto the axles (mine are a little loose (they don't 'wobble' or sit at an angle...they're straight and true...but will fall off if the piece is handles a little roughly)
    The shield should be mounted to the carriage w/o the gun in it's rail (the gun is very easy to remove from the slide frame rail) is then affixed to the styrene shield supports on the gun frame, then the 4 vinyl support rods can be added.
    These are very neat and a nice 'engineering' touch that I would not have originally considered...4 gun shield support rods, manufactured from heavy duty vinyl, painted and weathered like the rest of the gun.
    They are all completely different in shape and size (as are the real ones)..and there is a diagram of each on the assembly instructions to positively identify each one.
    They're well detailed with bolt head detail on the ones that actually have it.
    At first, the vinyl threw me...I thought I had bent a part and had broken it, until I examined it and the other 3 more carefully...
    Quite frankly, I think this a great engineering touch for a large piece that will probably get moved around quite a bit; not only does the vinyl allow the pieces to be assemble more easily (the areas where the supports attach to the shield and frame are very 'busy')...the 'give' of the vinyl cushions any jarring of the frame/shield assembly...e.g. if one were to be carrying the piece and accidently bumped the shield, seperately, against an object, the give of the vinyl would cushion the 'blow' to the extent that the rods will 'bend' but not 'break'...(I don't advise that you test this by intentionally knocking the gun against something!)
    IMO, the gun looks pretty accurate...I don't have any drawings of the real deal with dinensional data...but to the eye, it has the low profile look of the 'mean' looking anti-tank weapon
    I've also included a couple of pics of the gun posed next to the PAK 36 and 2cm FLAK to give an indication of it's relative size...
    This is a very nice-sized piece...impressive in size but not fit's well in a decent amount of space...smaller than the PAK 40, and really, not that much larger than the PAK 36...
    Painting is very nice, in typical DML pre-assembled style, and the weathering/chipping is nice and restrained...It would not be inaccurate at all to apply a basic camouflage scheme directly over the gun as it's painted and weathered straight from the box...
    IMO, this is a fantastic release...
    DiD I mention that this gun is constructed COMPLETELY of styrene? (save for the 4 vinyl shield support rods)
    Here are a number of pics that took of the gun this morning.
    Thanks for looking,
    P S -I need to add a disclaimer.
    I am not, in any way, associated, under contract, or recieve any compensation, in the form of cash, gifts, products (freebies) by/from ANY manufacturer or company...period...NOR have I EVER been associated, or under contract from same (nor recieved any compensation...etc.,etc.,etc.....)
    My opinions are my own and are not 'for sale'...nor do I feel obliged or coerced into submitting a review of any product in any particular 'light' save my own...
    I don't mention this with any malice or as a result of any accusation; I just want those who read this to understand my motivations are my own.
    thanks again

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    Re: DML PaK 38 5cm anti-tank gun

    That's one bigazz model kit. Looks good to me, Dragon seems to nail scale most of the time. The PaK38 was another common gun in the German inventory, and along with their 36 and 40, they've covered the standard light-med AT well.

    I'd like to see them do a kit of a Russian 45mm AT gun, and a 6pdr/57mm Allied gun, as well as their German and Russian 120mm mortars in kit form.
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    Re: DML PaK 38 5cm anti-tank gun

    Just a slight correction...
    this isn't an actual model 'kit''s pre-assembled (broken down into 5 major parts for shipping), pre-painted and pre-weathered...
    I'm hoping that dML WILL release this as an un-assembled model kit in the future!

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    Re: DML PaK 38 5cm anti-tank gun

    That's a beautiful looking piece.

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    Re: DML PaK 38 5cm anti-tank gun

    Hiya, Arbomambo, and all!

    Thanx for the in depth review! As you've noted, it made out of injection molded styrene. That fact itself says that this will be released as one of DML's sixth scale assembly kits. Dragon will release a couple prebuilt versions with differing finishes, than will put it out unassembled and unfinished. I look forward to getting this kit!

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    Re: DML PaK 38 5cm anti-tank gun

    A re-release of the German 12cm mortar(Granatwerfer 42) would be nice indeed but i rather see a Zündapp KS750(DX05 Vigo Treiber/Cyber Hobby Franz Mehl) being re-released!

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DML PaK 38 5cm anti-tank gun