Small diorama contest at Joelanta


1. Diorama must not exceed 16inches X 16inches. It can be smaller.
2. Must have at least one action figure in the diorama. Any size action figure is acceptable.
3. You can choose any theme as long as it is in good taste. If it is deemed to be of poor taste or inappropriate for our younger viewers you will be asked to remove it from the competition and the show. Let’s keep it family friendly.
4. Diorama must be new and made this year.
5. Prizes will be given out to the first, second and third place winners in two categories. Adults ages 15- 199 and children ages 5-14. Parents may assist the child. Children’s dioramas must be made by the child. Not by the parent for the child. It’s more fun for the kids that way.
6. Judging will be done by volunteer attendees and Joelanta staff.
7. All judging is final.
8. Be creative and have fun.
Any question feel free to give me a shout.
Mike Gardner