question on Sideshow prophecy buffy

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Thread: question on Sideshow prophecy buffy

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    question on Sideshow prophecy buffy

    I know this is going to sound like a dumb question, but I am looking a sideshow prophecy buffy for a diorama I want to work on. I like this one the best because I can see her articulation. Question is: do those heels come off, or are they made on her foot? I want to be able to change her shoes & outfit, but not sure if I want to buy her if her heels do not come off. Any help, or better yet, does she have interchangeable feet?? that would work too. I want to do a library diorama, so am working on the items, figures, etc.
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    I am a huge fan of the series (well, at least the first 4-5 seasons, than I would no longer say "huge") too. I really like your diorama idea, I hope you will share some photos once it is done or even during your work on it?

    I have the other two Buffys as I liked their headsculpts better than the Prophecy one, so I am not able to answer you 100% (hopefully someone else will) but I suspect body to be the same on all of them which means the heeled shoes are part of the feet mold, unremovable from the feet. In the case of Prophecy Buffy this would mean the flesh is painted over the white shoe where it is to be visible (the other two Buffys have full black shoes/boots, which however seem to be the same cast).

    So, if you wanted to stick with the Prophecy Buffy, I suppose you could remove the shoes (together with feet) at the joint to replace with another Sideshow ones (however Sideshow joints are not really modding-friendly), or you could cut the heels (and anything else standing in the way) off and put your desired custom boots over the original feet/shoes. However, when customizing, I think Sideshow body is generally a poor choice - so you might want to get female body from another manufacturer and use just the Sideshows headsculpt - in such a case you might reconsider which of the 3 Buffy headsculpts suites your needs most. Also, if you are buying MIB figures, you get some interesting accessories for your diorama - eg. Vampyr book, crossbow, stakes, weapons..

    Good luck with your project and I hope to see some pics from you soon

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question on Sideshow prophecy buffy