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Thread: REVIEW: Sideshow Collectibles Reservoir Dogs Mr. White

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    REVIEW: Sideshow Collectibles Reservoir Dogs Mr. White


    Order this figure HERE.

    Following the reviews of both Mr. Orange and Mr. Blonde, we conclude our week-long look at the 12" Sideshow Reservoir Dogs' series with Mr. White.

    In 1992, Reservoir Dogs was still a cult film, passed from one fan to another by word of mouth. I had heard that word of mouth and watched it with my dad that summer. I thought it was the greatest film I had seen in years. He thought it was terrible. A week later he came back and said it was tremendous. The violence had pushed him out of the experience but the dialogue, wit and dizzying pace of the film had brought him (and millions like him) back.

    Today, Quentin Tarantino’s first film is widely acknowledged as a classic, paving the way for the 90’s indie scene and Tarantino’s masterpiece Pulp Fiction. The license for Reservoir Dogs has already been picked over by companies like Mezco, Palisades and NECA. There has even been a line of 12” figures from Palisades Toys. But no one on this side of the ocean does 1/6 scale like Sideshow Collectibles. When they launched a line with likenesses of Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Harvey Keitel, it was worth a preorder.

    The packaging is a window box with a fifth panel lid. Sideshow’s gone so far into the magnet –closure-Velcro-gatefold-deluxe-boxes that this feels nostalgic. There are enough twisty ties and tape to keep it from being collector friendly but the box copy is always top notch.

    I picked up Mr. White not only for the movie but for all the great performances Harvey Keitel has given in Martin Scorcese’s films. And this looks like all of them. Keitel’s likeness is right there so anyone wanting to make that Piano custom is halfway home. The paint on the brow and the eyes is a little heavy, which makes it look like an actor wearing makeup.

    White’s on the Buck. With the Prometheus out, this feels like a step backwards. It’s a solid figure but stiff. You know it, I know it, Sideshow knows it. Which is precisely why they redid it with the Indiana Jones figure. Why not retire this body once and for all?

    White comes with one extra hand. I really like the ring on his right hand. It’s got great detail. The sunglasses are also perfect. White’s one of the only figures that looks equally real with or without them.

    The accessories all work really well. The side holster in particular feels like a step up from the James Bond Dr. No version. The pistols slide back and the ammo clips release just like earlier versions in the X Files and Bond but the shiny paint job makes them feel new. My stand is loose but since they’ve been using the same design for seven years, I’m willing to believe it’s a manufacturing error.


    The outfit is nicely done, if not a standout. The actors in the movie wore cheap black suits and with shirts and that’s what Mr. White has here. The design is standard so the pattern may be from Mulder, James Bond or entirely new. Anyway, it feels accurate.

    There’s nothing revolutionary or surprising here and nothing that’s unique to the movie. The one thing every fan remembers is Tarantino’s amazing dialogue. Sideshow once used a voice chip on their R. Lee Ermy figure. Why not use one here? The possibilities could have been endless...

    At $60.00, the figure is over priced in today's market. Mr. White would be a fine 12" figure five years ago - when James Bond was Sideshow's biggest license. But now, with Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Indiana Jones on their plate, Sideshow could - and should - have done more with this line.

    The packaging is old, the body is old and the accessories and outfit scream reuse. It almost seems as if the company doesn’t have much faith in the license...and seeing as how we haven't heard any new announcements regarding more figures (What? No Steve Buscemi?), I doubt they'll do more...


    Photos and review by Jon Clarke

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    If they'd done this when you said, it would've flown off the shelves. It's almost as if this has been in development hell since then and only just come out. It's just not good enough.


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    even neca done dis better)))

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