13inch Mortar Crew
B Company
1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery Regiment
Siege of Yorktown
April 12-May 4,1862

Part Two- “Posing” Dio With 13-inch Mortar

Here are the images of the previously posted crew, with the 13 inch Seacost Mortar.
The dio represents a mortar and its crew during a moment of relaxation, posing for a photographer during the Siege of Yorktown.

Here are some images of the mortar and crew “out in the sun”.
The direct sunlight creates a lot of contrast and shadows, but also brings out a lot of the mortar details.

Mortar is the BGT (Battle Gear Toys) piece.
There is a previous post with the details of the mortar, the accessories and the base I made for it.

Next part B of the dio with the mortar in action…