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Thread: Finding a good body for YMT029 head sculpt

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    Finding a good body for YMT029 head sculpt

    First post here on these forums, so any advice/patience is appreciated here!

    I recently decided to explore the 1/6th figures area a bit - not as a real hobby per se, but just want something more realistic and to the touch than anime model kits. I'm mostly into fantasy figures (would love a production version of a few of my characters in an MMO I play called Guild Wars 2), but generally have had a hard time finding pre-made models that are not in the $250 price range...and most are also not stylized to my liking (seems like most of the Phicen/TBLeague kits are more tailored towards realism, movies, war heroes, etc). So after reading through a fair amount of stuff online (Giantoys, Flickr, this forum, TDF, etc.), I took the plunge and ordered a set of head sculpt + body + clothes/accessories.

    Here's what I tried putting together:

    Headsculpt: YMTOYS - YMT029 (A)
    Body: Phicen/TBLeague S23B
    Clothes/Accessories (from AliExpress): 1/6 Scale Female Warrior Clothes Set Women Princess Body Clothes For 12 inches Action Figure Model Collection Toys

    Perhaps unsurprising to a few, it didn't quite work out as well as I had hoped (see the attached images - they are shot vertically, but uploaded horizontally somehow). The full Google Drive links of the original are here (full) and here (close up).

    Finding a good body for YMT029 head sculpt-doll-full-jpgFinding a good body for YMT029 head sculpt-doll-closeup-jpg

    Two main issues I personally have with the current setup:

    1. The figure looks almost like a skinny man with breast implants and a small female head/face. I want to go for a more feminine figure, so the proportions just don't seem right - the neck is too thick (especially the trapezius), the shoulders are a bit too wide, and the forearms seem too long and thick (I purchased the full clothing set, and the wrist bracelets can't be put on without squeezing the skin of the lower forearm).
    2. Not as concerning as the first issue above, and perhaps not obvious from the lighting/images above, but the skin tone doesn't seem to match completely: the face generally seems to be more lively/pinkish compared to the more pale/greyish body. I realize that this is a challenge for this hobby in general (as there just doesn't seem to be an industry standard around these things as far as body + head sculpts go), but I was wondering if I can do better here.

    I'm contemplating trying either the S25B or S24A bodies (or even S26A/S27B...although those may seem too petite) to address the two problems above, as they seem to be smaller and more feminine like. For the body, I also want medium bust, detachable feet, and with secret parts. I'm currently leaning towards the S25B, as the S24A may seem a bit too light (the head here seems more "lively" and "vivid" - thereby giving off this slight mismatch...and not necessarily pale/light, but it's marketed for Suntan bodies).

    I also realize that there may be some adjustments to be done on the clothing fabric (since the hips of the S24A/S25B seem to be smaller), and I'm okay with doing this (I can't fix the body as easily!). I'm looking for some advice here from more seasoned collectors in this space. What body model would you recommend? And is the skin tone basically as good as it gets here (without custom paint or mod), or should I consider switching to a pale body?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Finding a good body for YMT029 head sculpt

    I used the S17B for mine, however, I think the S33B with narrow shoulders might work better.

    I posted pics here of the YMT029/S17B figure previously:
    Cross Brand Colour Matching - TBLeague, Jiaou Doll, Very Cool, Kumik & Heads

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Finding a good body for YMT029 head sculpt