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Thread: Photos from the 12th Annual SSCC FIGURECON

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    Cool Photos from the 12th Annual SSCC FIGURECON

    We had a great time at the show this year! Tons of great displays put on by the club and a great selection of vendors with all of your 1:6th scale needs!

    If you missed our show, sadly you've probably missed the last 1:6th scale show that will take place for a while given the current state of things - and we'd very much have appreciated you showing up.

    The club especially appreciates the following board members who took the time to get up from behind their computer desks to actually make the trip to particpate and/or see the show in person:

    Andrew (crusader1xxx), Chuck, (hansalbin), Phil (granatwerfer)

    Also, a big shout out to Cory (panzerallan) - this was Cory's 10th year as a friend and a vendor at the club's FIGURECON.

    More show photos are available on the club's website and on Facebook (links in my signature line).

    Finally, we hope you enjoy the photos and be sure to check it out in person next year!

    - The SSCC


    George and Scott's Modern US Diorama:

    Continuing the story from Scott's diorama last year, this year a Saudi arms dealer is extracted by the convoy after the extraction choppers were shot down. The convoy is ambushed by insurgents and a Czech national who is the Saudi arms dealer's number two man. PMCs were sent in via the convoy to rescue the downed chopper pilots and the special forces team.

    Dean's Vietnam Jungle Ambush Diorama:

    LET'S GO CANADA!!! - Andrew's Canadians:

    Barb's PBR Vietnam River Dio:

    Dick's 12th SS HJ Panther Crew is ready for their close-up:

    The Panther was built by Mike and is owned by Dick.

    The 250 was built by Alfonso (viaad) and is now owned by Dick.

    Mark K.'s ever-clever 1:6th political commentary:


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    Re: Photos from the 12th Annual SSCC FIGURECON

    Fred's 75th Anniversary Tribute to 9th Armored Division taking the Ludendorff Railroad Bridge over the Rhine at Remagen:

    (DML M4A3 Sherman and US Army blankets generously lent by Phil)

    Pedro's Panzerpionere im Russland mit Kriegsgefangener

    Cindy's Display Table - Vintage GI Joes from all eras in Alert Line, BGT, BBi, DiD, DML, NewLinw, Soldier Story, etc. uniforms, weapons, and gear.

    Phil's Tankers of WWII Display featuring both 1:1 and 1:6 scale British, French, Soviet, and US items.

    Juan's 3D Printables:

    Juan displayed his amazing collection of 3D printed weapons and custom figures from nearly all the combatants of WWII. He is working on a line of custom 1:6th scale uniform/weapon/equipment sets from the more obscure combatants in WWII that the major manufacturers will never produce. He is constantly updating the 1:6th scale collecting community on Facebook with his fantastic creations.

    For more information:

    Juan's Facebook Page: (Also check SAG's Facebook page for updates from Juan!) - Home | Facebook

    Juan's Shapeways Page:

    Juan's One-Sixth Exclusives by JuanLopez - Shapeways Shops


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    Re: Photos from the 12th Annual SSCC FIGURECON

    John's British D-Day Dio:

    Our southern brethren came up to the show as well. Cory and Wes from the SSCC's Army Group South displayed a Bren Carrier (Cory) and a DML M4A3 Sherman converted to a Firefly (Wes, for Phil):


    Wes' Custom Creations:

    Andrew's Sale Table:

    GI Dean:

    (He brought nearly every regular release DML German from 2002 - 2008. $35.00 per boxed figure, $30.00 each if you bought two or more. Someone walked out with Erwin Stangenberg for $35.00 and it wasn't you because you didn't come to the show... )

    Cory's Toys:

    Francisco's esumthing4u:

    O'Smiley's Dolls and Collectibles, LLC. :

    That's it for this year; we hope to see you next year!

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Photos from the 12th Annual SSCC FIGURECON