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Thread: Darth Maul Shinobi

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    Darth Maul Shinobi

    I haven't landed on this page in a long time. I want to share these images with you, I started this figure about five years ago, but it stayed a long time at the work table until I decided to finish it.

    I was originally going to represent a version of Darth Maul Shinobi, but I found out about the release of a similar figure on a different scale and lost interest, until a few days ago I decided to finish it. It is then a shinobi (ninja), of course it is not historically accurate, rather something close to fantasy.

    In this case, I completely made the clothes, from making the pattern to cutting and sewing. the mask and armor parts are of two different figures, repainted and suitable.

    In advance thank you very much for your criticism

    Darth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-13-1-04-44-pm-5-jpegDarth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-09-7-44-39-pm-10-jpegDarth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-13-1-04-45-pm-3-jpegDarth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-09-7-44-39-pm-5-jpegDarth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-13-1-04-45-pm-6-jpegDarth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-13-1-04-46-pm-1-jpegDarth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-13-1-04-46-pm-jpegDarth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-13-1-04-46-pm-2-jpegDarth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-13-11-16-33-am-1-jpegDarth Maul Shinobi-whatsapp-image-2020-03-13-11-16-36-am-4-jpeg
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    Re: Darth Maul Shinobi

    Excellent talent. It reminds me of the ninja in Shogun 2 when you fully upgrade him.

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    Re: Darth Maul Shinobi

    Very nice indeed. Really like this. Well done.

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    Re: Darth Maul Shinobi

    Fantastic work !

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Darth Maul Shinobi