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Thread: Ecto-1 review

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    Ecto-1 review

    I don't get to review something this cool, this amazing, or this expensive very often, but when I do, I like to take full advantage! I'm checking out the new Ghostbusters Ecto-1 from Blitzway tonight, and there's a ton of text and photos - it's a long one!

    Review and photos of Ghostbustersr Ecto-1 sixth scale vehicle

    You can also find the review at the usual:

    Captain Toy, Michael Crawford's Action Figure and Toy Reviews

    Thanks for reading!


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    Re: Ecto-1 review

    Agreed totally that this is one of the coolest iconic movie vehicles ever created in the 20th Century. Kudos to collectors who have the money and space to house this model!!! ...besides the batmobiles, Batpod, The Bat, & Time Machine DeLorean!

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Ecto-1 review