Play Toys vs Hot Toys Iron Man VI

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Thread: Play Toys vs Hot Toys Iron Man VI

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    Play Toys vs Hot Toys Iron Man VI

    On Ebay there's a 1/6 Iron Man Mark VI figure from "Play Toys." I can't tell the difference between it and Hot Toys and suspect it may be some unauthorized rip-off, but before anyone gets some pitch forks and torches please strongly bear in mind I don't know.

    I've had enough contact with people in Hong Kong and China to know that piracy of items is quite common. E.g. I knew a guy who made the original designs for several model kits and told me whenever he went to Hong Kong within weeks of him getting an arrangement for 1 business to mass produce his items, he'd see several doing it without his permission.

    Simply type in "Play Toys Iron Man" on Ebay and you'll get several pop up.

    They are much cheaper than buying a Hot Toys version, and I bet they are of high quality cause bad Ebay sellers usually are caught quickly.

    Just wondering are they the same exact thing as Hot Toys?

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    Re: Play Toys vs Hot Toys Iron Man VI

    I'm interested to know myself.

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Play Toys vs Hot Toys Iron Man VI