I have a few heads I am interested in, and was wondering if one of the two bodies I have would work with any of them? And if any of these heads can be re-rooted to have longer black hair?(She is supposed to have at least waist length black hair) I was originally using the Kumik with a (poorly) repainted Barbie head, but am no longer happy with it, and I am looking to replace it with a new head. But I am open to switching to the other body.

The two bodies I have are-

Looking for head for one of these two bodies?(kumik and unknown brand)-untitled-jpg
Left- Bought of Amazon under the name ZYAQ 1/6 Scale White Skin Medium Bust Female Nude Action Figure Body Model Doll with Accessories for Hot Toys, and has a slight pinkish tone to it. Has two neck joints, a ball and, a peg.

And Right- Kumik Body bought of ebay, which honestly the color surprised me, and is sort of a grayish tan. Says it is a Kumik 2.5.

And some of the heads that I like.(which actually none of the right hair, but I like the faces)

1/6 COW PEN Toys Polaris Emma Female Head Sculpt Black Short Hair NB-002C | eBay

KIMI TOYS 1/6 Female Head Sculpt Model Doll KATE F 12" TBLeague Action Figure PH | eBay (KTOO7, KTOO8)

1/6 Scale Head Sculpt with Long Brown Hair for 12" Female Body Hot Toys | eBay

1/6 European American Female Head Sculpt SDH005 B For 12" PHICEN Action Figure | eBay

Any help, or insight is greatly appreciated, ty!