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Thread: Posting pictures from Community>Albums

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    Posting pictures from Community>Albums

    This is a bare-bones guide to starting an album, and adding pictures, followed by posting those pictures. It works for me, tho it is a bit labor-intensive. Whether it works the same for all, I cannot know without feedback. It seems a valid alternative to the Photobucket debacle, tho in all honesty, there are no guarantees these files, like the forum, are any more permanent than anything else.


    You can find the Albums in the dropdown from Community...

    Creating new Albums is done from above...

    Adding a new Album is done from this window....

    Adding files (images) is done here..

    The above windows show the buttons for Browsing and adding the Image Files...

    When the Image is chosen and double-clicked, the URL can be highlighted, copied, and pasted into the post.

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    Re: Posting pictures from Community>Albums

    Gotta tell you that OSW just ain't fun anymore. I just spent the past 2 hours going through the instructions included here (they don't exist) and through a myriad of other iterations only to be told "you haven't filled out your profile..." (I've been a member of OSW since 2006) then once I figured out how to get some pics on an album I find out when I go to my profile that - I don't have any pics.

    Nope. Maybe because I'm getting old (I'm 53) or just too old-school (OSW - One Sixth Warrior not OST&A) that coming here most certainly isn't what it used to be. But this? Ah C'mon, to post pics and then have to chase a bunch of wasted space just to put up a picture of a tank just isn't fun. For the past few years now any 1:6 work has been posted on a 1:18 site. Why? Well for the most part it's a hell of a lot easier to do. And yea, maybe because the other pictures followed the earlier model soldiers, weaponry and very often the history behind it.

    I'd write more but tonight it's back to the 1:18 world.


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Posting pictures from Community>Albums