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    MotoGP racer

    Hello to everybody! - I'm new to the board and just really impressed by all the custom work on here.

    I need some advice on creating a static leaning MotoGP rider to go on my Minichamps 1/6 Honda race bike. My idea is to have the bike and the rider fully leaned over (as if in a tight corner) with the knee of the figure providing support for the bike.

    I'm familiar with much smaller scale custom figure creation (54mm - 120mm) where you start with a wire armature and add epoxy putty to get to the final sculpt.

    My thought was to start with a highly posable nude figure to hopefully get the pose right, then build up epoxy putty on this to create the suit, gloves, boots, etc.

    Any recommendations on a nude figure that would be posable in the correct manner?

    Any comments or suggestions on the epoxy putty approach?



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    Hi Carl, welcome aboard!

    The putty route is probably more in your comfort zone, but would sewing a suit together be something you might consider?

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    Even though you admit you are putting your figure on a HONDA I still feel compelled to tell you what I know.

    I think you could use any of the better quality bodies such as the current Hot Toys, Dragon, Soldier Story, Art S Buck, etc. I have twisted and posed one of my Hot Toys bodies as well as one of my new Barrack Sergeant bodies into the position you have outlined and see that the only limitations might be around the extreme bends where the human body would compress but the plastic body doesn't. The human shoulder compresses, thigh muscles would mold to the side of the bike, ribs and spine "twist" and the neck contorts. In other words, the human body still "gives" more than these dolls do! But, as it sounds as though you plan to make a static or frozen display figure this should present no problem at all. Simply notch, cut off, remove or build up any areas of the body where you need more give or compression.

    Again, if you are going to "lock" the figure in to a pose and have no intention of EVER using it for something else, I would pose him as desired, adjust or remove any plastic which is in the way and then glue the joints up with Loctite (I think I hear dozens of members groaning!). I know this is extreme but if you want to "sculpt" the leathers as opposed to tailoring them from fabric you sure as hell don't want the limbs all moving about. There are dozens of types of Loctite available and to some extent which figure you use may determine which glue you use. You may even need more than one type, a high viscosity glue to penetrate the tight joints and a plastic or vinyl one to fuse the broader surface areas together. If you use A+B Epoxy Putty to fill in all of the joints before you begin building up your leathers you may not need to go overboard with the glues as the two part putty has a decent adhesive property to it.

    As to sculpting the leathers, gloves and boots, I use A+B Epoxy Putty for this sort of thing BUT, those with far more talent than I, swear by Sculpy so I suggest you practice on some throw-away parts with BOTH materials. I assure you that the Sculpy is actually the better way to go, I simply haven't gotten 'round to changing my ways yet and most recently used A+B Putty. You will find however that you have far more control and more freedom when working with the Sculpy, so don't dismiss it with out having a go.

    Finally, you will have to leave some movement in some key joints to allow you to actually fit the figure to the bike. This could be quite a trick and you must have a real plan of action before you waste any time sculpting leathers and such. Also give some thought to disassembly/reassembly of the bike model. You may find it more practical to fit the bike to the rider such as sectioning the hand and foot controls and attaching them after the figure is in place. For this, you are on your own since there is no right or wrong way.
    That said, if it were me, I would first look at making the hands and lower leg separate parts which can be fitted with pins or pegs, after-the-fact. You could make clean and logical points of separation hidden by folds and or the separate colour sections of the leathers and this may provide enough room to position the rider without cutting up the bike.

    For my 1/12th Minichamps bikes I removed the hand controls. I then sculpted gloved hands on to the controls and made metal pin-and-plug attachment points to re-fit the controls to the bike and the hands to the arm stubs. I did it this way because my figures have NO flexibility at all and this allowed me to remove the figure without the need to bend or spread any of the limbs.

    An ambitious project you have chosen, so good luck to you!

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    if you are going to sculpt the clothes on a static body, i would highly suggest using as slim a body as possible.

    Volks makes a slim body that is great for posing, they also have heads for the body which are slightly undersized. perfect for mounting a helmet on top of it.

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    Start with a figure with good stiff joints. Posing repeatedly will start to loosen the joints, as will repeated handling during positioning, and fitting.

    You may have to cement certain joints, and attach the rider to the bike to hold the position of the bike and figure as well. The added weight of that leaning action pose would cause the figures joints to move into unwanted positions.

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    Thanks to all for all the great points. I'll check out some of the figures. I did see another post with a beautifully tailored rider suit - it may change my mind on the epoxy putty suit.

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    I used to see 1/6 motorcycle helmets in the Hong Kong-based Ebay stores. None on there now, though.
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