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Thread: REVIEW: Medicom RAH Magneto 12" Figure

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    REVIEW: Medicom RAH Magneto 12" Figure

    Jorge Pelaez once again examines another amazing 1:6 scale figure, this time, it's the Medicom RAH Magneto (below).

    Packaged in an attractive gate fold window box with impressive comic art (by Jim Lee no less!) across the front and sides, the interior (below) also includes a few comic panels showing the Master of Magnetism schooling Professor X on the proper way to raise a mutant...

    Attractive to "mint in box" collectors, the packaging fulfills the need to protect the figure while also ensuring it does so in a beautiful and impressive manner. In fact, the figure looks almost as good packaged as it does loose!

    Although the figure has a greatly detailed head sculpt and impressively sculpted helmet, the body sculpt lacks the heroic proportions of a comic book character. The upper body sculpt fills in Magneto’s costume rather well but his legs are way too skinny and look out of place. This figure would have been much better if Medicom would have used a more muscle-bound body frame with thicker legs and a bigger chest.

    Eighty percent of the figure’s body is covered in colored fabric clothing. However, the most crucial parts of the body are painted in a very clean and uniform manner. The most impressive paint application is evident on Magneto’s helmet which is painted so well that it makes the plastic accessory look like if it were made of metal.

    The head features a very simple and clean paint application with no flaws I noticed. The only thing which seems out of place is the simplicity and lightly hued colors used for the head, making Magneto look a bit "cartoony" and less like he appears in comics. I would have much preferred a more realistic head sculpt but then again, Medicom is known for their anime-styled head sculpts on a good majority of comic RAH figures.

    The inclusion of several interchangeable hands enhances the value and playability of the figure incredibly. Magneto can be displayed in several iconic poses by swapping out his hands and his removable helmet.

    The figure includes the following accessories:
    - 2 Grasping hands
    - 2 Closed-fist hands
    - 2 Regular hands
    - 1 removable helmet

    Although the accessories are great, I would recommend collectors to be careful when swapping out the hands because the pegs tend to stay stuck in the forearm. The fabric costume and cape are very well sewn and almost seamless but the cape does seem a little short in my opinion. Thanks to the wires along the edges of the cape, it can be posed to give it a wind-blown effect and conceal its actual length.

    The Medicom RAH 1/6 body’s expansive articulation is one of the biggest highlights of this piece. There are very few dynamic poses that cannot be achieved with this awesome figure and thanks to the poseable cape, there are some really impressive ways that magneto can be displayed! The Magneto figure features the basic 1/6 Medicom RAH body and has the following point of articulation:

    - Knees
    - Mid-thigh
    - Elbows
    - Ball socket head
    - Ball socket wrists
    - Swivel Ribcage
    - Swivel waist
    - Ball socket shoulders
    - Ball socket ankles
    - Wired fabric cape

    Although this figure carries a hefty price tag of $99.00 and has a somewhat disproportionate body, it is the best 1:6 scale interpretation of the Master of Magnetism available thus far. While the price may put some casual fans off and it's not one of the best Marvel RAH figures made to date, considering it's an import from Japan, it blends well with other Medicom Marvels, and is Magneto, the X-Men's greatest foe - the Medicom RAH Magneto makes a fine addition to any X-Men fan's collection.

    Pick up one of your own at Sideshow Collectibles today!

    Be sure to check out more image of this impressive comic book 1:6 scale figure HERE!

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    Nice review. Looks like they used the same body on the Punisher figure. Big chest, tiny legs.
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    Thanks for the review. I have seen one in hand, and am relatively impressed. The metallic super glossy paint work is most impressive. The pictures above are good refs of the actual thing. Typical Medicom quality.

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    i like the marvel icons version a lot better....

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    This looks like a glorified Famous Covers figure to me.
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    Very nice review, but not a figure I need, now if they'd done Prof X in his wheelchair I mighta sat up!

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    The shiny fabric turns me off.

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REVIEW: Medicom RAH Magneto 12" Figure