Late getting to this, but I picked up a loose Phicen body from the China Honor Guard set after hearing it was a new stainless steel skeleton. Comparison to older Phicen bodies follows, with some extras/outtakes on my Flickr album (and a few loose shots in the Mature section, due to potentially offensive doll nudity, not to mention overall childish behavior).

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Phicen Comparison: v4.0 vs. 5.1 vs. 5.2 by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr

Phicen's "China Honor Guard" figures were the first ones that used a newly designed body before it was available as a nude base body. It's a 5.x stainless steel frame with ball-joint ankles, which are supposed to be used with the boots that the figure comes with.

I'm calling it the Phicen 5.2, vs. the 5.0 (first stainless steel versions) and 5.1 (second stainless steel, with more anatomical detail below the belt).

Left to right: Lady Magician on the 5.2 body (which is tan-ish), Fire Red Rose on the 5.1 pale body, and Little Red Riding Hood on the 4.0 tan body.

Phicen 5.2 Stainless Steel Skeleton Body by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr

The body has the same excellent articulation as the other Phicen stainless steel bodies, but with removable feet. The ankle joint is still pretty ugly, though I realize it was not supposed to be seen. The upcoming release (which Phicen is calling the 5.0D) looks like the ankle seam is much better designed.

Phicen Comparison: v4.0 vs. 5.1 vs. 5.2 (Feet) by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr

Foot comparisons. The ankle ball on the 5.2 body fits a Phicen foot pretty well -- she's got one flat foot and one heeled foot from the 4.0 tan releases. The ankle balls are pretty stable, though you do have to work a little to find the balance points. The ankle has no articulation at all: it is probably just an extension of the figure's shin.

Phicen feet from the 4.0's or later use plastic that's a little softer, making it easier to get it off the old ankle peg without damaging the foot. However, the softer plastic means the ball joint in the stainless steel body can "roll" without much force, making the figure tip out of balance pretty easily. The older ankle cup still does a better job holding the foot in position.

Phicen Comparison: v4.0 vs. 5.1 vs. 5.2 (Feet) by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr

Closer comparison shot between the 5.2 ankle ball and the 5.1 perma-heel feet, right before I switched the 5.2 to flats. I don't know if Phicen is planning to use this design for their upcoming removable-feet 5.0D body, but maybe a bit of texture on the stainless steel ball would help.

As mentioned, there is no articulation in the ankle. It'd be nice if there were a little, though I think adding it might make the ankle joint even less stable.

Phicen Comparison: v4.0 vs. 5.1 vs. 5.2 by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr

Full body comparison shot. Lady Magician and Little Red Riding Hood are both free-standing and supporting Fire Red Rose in the middle. Body sculpt differences are really minor.

This is a decent comparison of skin tone -- the latest bodies tan skin tone is definitely not the same as older ones.

The China Honor Guard body comes only slightly blushed. A clothing stain mishap led to my pale 5.1 body losing almost all her blushing, too. Hazard of use, I guess.

Phicen Comparison: v4.0 vs. 5.1 vs. 5.2 by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr

These are all large-bust figures. You can see slight changes in sculpting from the 4.0 to the 5.1 to the 5.2. There's a subtle difference in the sculpting of the breasts on the 5.2 figure, and the navel looks more realistic.

I got the loose body with an eye to doing something specific with it. I may try to get one more for a different figure, but I may just wait for the next round of base bodies instead. I'm hoping the removable feet Phicens refine/improve the v5.2 body a little more.

The something specific?

Phicen Shi 5.2 Conversion by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr

Coming soon...Phicen's Shi Mark III. Shhhhhh....