bEST Marpat out there?

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Thread: bEST Marpat out there?

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    bEST Marpat out there?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you guys could point me in the right directio of Marpat, I was just looking for the Saturday toys Desert Marpat, and I do like the new woodland set that just came out, but I really can't say I like the boots.
    Anyhow, could any of you guys point me in the right direction in regards to the Marpat, and if there are any Marine style Combat boots out there.

    Thanks guys

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    Someone will point this out, but you should do a search for marpat in the search option cause there are like 4-7 different threads about this, plus there this has been asked in the last 2 months. Well like I said in the other posts, I like the bbi desert uniform for the color. I think the dml one is too light, the ts is too orange, ss is too brown and so is the ht ones.

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    Ditmeus nailed it!!

    search + marpat= 500 threads
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    Search Engine obsession aside, the bbi desert MARPAT does seem to be the reigning champ. Since it's doubtful that bbi will ever get off their keisters and do that pattern again, it's a bit of a crapshoot. SOTW did at least one figure in a pretty faded desert MARPAT, tho the suit includes huge lapels and the infamous bass-ackwards trousers.

    For those who don't mind molded boots (me being among those), bbi did some very nice Marine desert combat boots, complete w/ the EGA.
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    BBI is pretty nice. EBT still has this set in stock if your interested:

    (Towards the bottom)
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    BBi, DML, and Saturday Toys. DML made a good one thats perfect for weathering

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    TS made Coyote Brown boots with the EGA on stamped on the heels. They were released with their Force Recon Jeff Gregoric figures, both desert and woodland versions, as well as a CIA[?] figure that came out at the time.

    HT 3rd version Marpat [Fallujah SAW Gunner] is pretty nice, its close to the BBi pattern, though they have more dark brown, and theres a slight orange tinge to it. The weathering is also orange.. I wish they would stop that. But it is nice. The material is pretty light, so it'll either drape nicely or not.

    Recently--I forget which figure--Soldier Story made some decent coyote brown boots, the cut/pattern isn't the same, but its a good match, you can easily add the EGA to the heel.
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bEST Marpat out there?