Actually, and finally, now many more of you can!

We've updated the parameters of the trade posting restriction to something that allows other normal patterns of use here.

The minimum remains 30 days. But there's now a progressive requirement that will count your time as a member if you don't post as much:

50 posts needs at least 1.0 month registered
40 posts needs at least 0.5 years registered
30 posts needs at least 1.0 years registered
20 posts needs at least 1.5 years registered
10 posts needs at least 2.0 years registered
05 posts needs at least 2.5 years registered
01 posts needs at least 3.0 years registered

We've revised the permissions a bit in the interest of protecting our regular membership, and also to address address certain requests we've been getting from members with less posts, but have been here a while.

We do this also to encourage people who want to do trades here to first establish a presence in the community prior to participating in the Open Market... by making it an added benefit/reward to the active participants and long-time members in the forums.

Thanks for your understanding. Hope that helps out a few hundred of you out there.