NorCal/Bay area carpool to WOH?

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Thread: NorCal/Bay area carpool to WOH?

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    NorCal/Bay area carpool to WOH?

    Anyone from SF Bay area want to share ride/expenses to WOH?I am planning on riding down Friday.I have the day off.Am going to stay in Tehachapi at a friend's Friday night.Riding back from WOH on Sunday.Anyone interested PM me for my phone number to work out details.Thanks.

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    I am leaving Friday. I will have Norm a.k.a. Ronin Six with me.

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    Christian, pm me details on where you guys are staying so we can hook up and go to the EBT hooters party if you and Norm are going that night. i'll be down there around early afternoon, flying out of SFO around noon. I'll be at Glendate staying at a friend's house.

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NorCal/Bay area carpool to WOH?