2 Possibly new blind boxed weapons sets.

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Thread: 2 Possibly new blind boxed weapons sets.

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    2 Possibly new blind boxed weapons sets.

    I don't know if these have been posted before, but I found these at a local Japanese market. They are marked "World Arms Collection - Vol.1 WWII SMG". Though the box has the markings for a company called "F-toys confect.", there is also a Dragon Action Figures logo on the side. The insert card also has the Dragon markings and a pic of a DML figure (Anselm Voight?). The weapon, a PPsh-41, is typical of the latest version of DML's weapons, with the improved "wood" paint job and weathering. The sling is all pleather, instead of the combination pleather and fabric of their latest Russian weapons. The set included 2 drum magazines. I think I got the "mystery" weapon, as the box doesn't show a PPsh-41 and mentions that there are 6 + ? in the series. Cost: $5.00.

    Here's the back and front of the box..

    ..and this is the insert..

    ..and the weapon.

    Here's the other blind box gun. It's part of a collection called "World Submachinegun". The mystery gun sorta looks like a HK G-3 with folding stock, but I'm not sure. The quality and detail are pretty low, something like old 21st weapons, or Zacca. The magazine is semi-removable, it can release from the top of the receiver, but doesn't come out easily from beneath the front sight/rail attachment. I removed mine forcibly, which damaged the paint on the mag. This was also $5.00.

    Insert and weapon.

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    The only interesting thing is that secret Russian underwater assault rifle in the second set...


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    Looks nice. I'm really interested in getting the wooden buttstock Uzi and the L2A3.

    The MP18 Bergmann and EMP also looks nice.
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    Weren't they out already?

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2 Possibly new blind boxed weapons sets.