Re- worked SAS GW1 bash

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Thread: Re- worked SAS GW1 bash

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    Re- worked SAS GW1 bash

    After Months of finding bits of kit for these bashes i finally done this project of 1990s Gulf War SAS troops. My troopers went from this.

    To this.

    The first set of photos are i think my best bash to date. Iknow SAS Gulf has been done by a hell of a lot of people. But it was seeing a GW sas fig that got me started in 1/6th. So here's my attempt. Hope you like...Thanks for looking..SGT

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    Very nice upgrade on your bashes. Who cares if it has been done alot by people, it hasnt been done alot by you and that is most important. I get tired of that old, oh well, this has been done alot, you did a great job and should be proud.
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    Excellents figures. I like the weapon.

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    Thumbs up

    Great Improvement, I to like the weapons

    And GW1 a great topic even if it has been done a few times, plus it hasent been done as many times as the Germans or US special foces
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    Great looking troops, man!

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    Very nice man!

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    Nice SAS figs.

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Re- worked SAS GW1 bash