Hello there! I am thinking about getting into 1/6 scale figures and modeling, having recently rediscovered the hobby's existence. A friend of mine from years ago had mentioned the scale figures to me as he was just starting to collect WWII ones, and it seemed pretty interesting to me when he showed me his figures and the amount of detail that went into them. Of course, at the time, I didn't really think about getting into it a whole lot, and he didn't expose me to the customization side of it very much, so I kind of passed it over.

Recently, I bought the modern Russian RPG set by 21C at Wal*Mart for 3 bucks on clearance (I'm pretty interested in all kinds of weaponry, so I was just going to put them on display by themselves) and this purchase kind of jogged my memory. I headed to Google and started looking at all kinds of custom 1/6 figures and parts, especially on this site. So, I've decided I might want to try it out for myself. I've got a concept going in my head right now that I will post if it ever comes to fruition.

Before I ask my questions, I just wanted to say that I think you guys have a great looking site and a very cool and creative community! Thanks for providing such a great resource to someone like me! (Buttkissing or sincere compliment? You decide! )

Now, I just had one thing to ask. Who makes/where can I find lots of modern (Post WWII, preferably present day) Russian gear? I am trying to ease my way into this so going full custom on every piece I make is a bit daunting at this point. I'm really looking for clothing/gear with Russian pattern camo, as well as AK-100 series weapons (Without a whole bunch of gear tacked on, I've seen some of that already) and maybe even pistols (an MP-433, specifically). I've done a bunch of Googling already, but the fruits of my labor have been pretty limited.

Also, are there any "must reads" of the hobby that I should be aware of, here or anywhere else? Any other odds and ends in terms of advice to a beginner are welcome too, I really appreciate any info you want to give me.