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    Base Body

    What is the ultimate (I mean most affordable, available, and useful) body to use? I have been using the DiD Ross body for my last few and really like it, but want to hear opinions on what is my next move. I am sure that this has been hashed over 1000 times, but I missed all those so lets start again.
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    if you want cheap, and availible evrywhere, go with the standar DML neo. Yeah, you need to modfiy it if you want it flexible, but it is (for me, anyways) the most universal body I'vve used.Slightly more expensive and flexible are the DML neo 3 and DiD model F. Even more expensive and harder to find are the bbi G1 and G3.
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    I...... think......... DID is one of the most affordable, available, and useful body. I use it for many bash. I also like BBI too. Don't know if it is G1 or G3. I'll buy them 1/2 the time. I'll always try to buy BBI & DID lose body that cost no more then $10 ~ $15. Don't care for any DML at all. HT, TS, SS, ACE cost too much for me. If the body not flexible enough for the pose I want. I'll just cut here, cut there to make it more flexible. All the cuts are under BDU anyway. No one + I will see it. So i don't buy more expensive body just for the flexibility. But I'll buy nicer lose head if I'll going to show the face.

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    DML Neo 3 is very good, poeability an durability are excellent on these figures, and they are pretty easy to find, if you're going for a DML figure I highly suggest this one, I've used a couple so far and have been really satisfied with them...

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