Need help with COD4 SAS CRW

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Thread: Need help with COD4 SAS CRW

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    Need help with COD4 SAS CRW

    Hey guys,
    I'm trying to make an accurate bash of one of the SAS guys from the tanker level in the beginning of the game (and also at the end). But I'm a little lost. I've got both of the Medicom SAS figures, but their stuff isn't very accurate to what the COD4 SAS guys are wearing.

    It looks to me like they are wearing tan body armor and tan holsters.

    Also, unlike the Medicom figures, or any other of the SAS CRW figures out there, they are wearing a two piece black BDU with a hood (do those exist with hoods somewhere in the 1/6th universe?).

    And can anyone help me find a similar vest?

    Also, are there any USP's with an LAM unit attached?

    Thanks for any help.

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    You could get the sas parka from the upcomming ht seal figure, that would provide you with about the same coat as the guys in the mile high club and fng levels are wearing.

    dragon made a mk .23 socom with silencer and lam that's about as close as you will get to a usp, bbi had a really nice sig 228 with x200, silencer and high cap mag.

    bbi, ht, ace and ts all made really nice tac vests, if you cannot find those saturday toys has just come out with a bhi omega vest.

    The tan body armour could be a paca, these are made in 1/6 by ht, ts and soldier story.

    A tan cloth eagle sas or soe style holster was made by ht, ace, saturday toys and i think the new soldier story cia commes with a cloth tan holster.
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    just bear in mind that the 1/6 figures are probably more accurate than the models in the game. for example, they wear black BDUs in those CQB scenarios. in real life, they wear 1 piece NOMEX suits.

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    I've got one guy based off of some SAS video I saw on Youtube, but I just really like the look of the COD4 guys, they look awesome, so I figured I could use one.

    Thanks for the suggestions, wimpie, that HT parka looks perfect, and I will look for the other stuff you suggested as well.

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Need help with COD4 SAS CRW