best 1:6 sci-fi guns

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Thread: best 1:6 sci-fi guns

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    best 1:6 sci-fi guns

    I'm trying to find weapons that aren't based on real world military, or in other words, fantasy laser guns, machine guns and other weapons that don't exist in reality but would look nice with a figure. And on that note I also have to exclude Star Wars guns from my search criteria just because they're too specific to Star Wars, and many of them were really just normal gun props with stuff glued to them.

    But there don't seem to be many I can find on eBay...

    This one caught my interest but I'm not dropping the $30 plus postage sellers want for it. It's an old Cy Girls gun.

    ZC Girl Julia had this. But it's also another one that's out of the range I'd be willing to pay just for a gun.

    And Sideshow's GI Joe laser rifle.

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    Re: best 1:6 sci-fi guns

    I wouldn't buy that ZC 'Julia' rifle if I was you, because you will seriously regret it once it arrives and you see it first hand.
    (It's a real piece of junk.)
    It's so massively under-scale it isn't funny and the pistol grip is made to fit a hand that's about 1/8 to 1/10 scale.

    But if you want a Hot-looking sci-fi rifle, then Hot Toys Appleseed 'Briareos' rifle is uber cool. (and huge.)

    That's if you can find one.

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    Re: best 1:6 sci-fi guns

    the district 9 guns are awesome cool but again too pricey. i think the the 1/6 halo weapons by master replicas were cheap and awesome looking though

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    Re: best 1:6 sci-fi guns

    If you can afford to paint and make some basic alterations, I recommend some of those sets. They are not technically 1/6, so you need to be careful though.
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    Re: best 1:6 sci-fi guns

    See this previous thread, though it was more focused on sci-fi handguns:

    A couple of my own previous recommendations made therein:
    Quote Originally Posted by Moonbase Alpha Male View Post
    SeaFigures had mamy other wonderful original Sci-Fi figures with futuristic weaponry. Here is their Falcon Z1 with her gun:

    Some more futuristic handguns to consider.

    Sideshow Star Wars of course (#1 and #4) with a dismal Hasbro Star Wars gun (#3) just for comparison.
    Gun #2, the gold one, is GoHero's diecast Buck Rogers disruptor.
    Gun #5 is from Final Fantasy, really very good and lends itself to customizing.
    Gun #6 is Cy-Girl Aurora and #7 is vintage 1960's Buck Rogers from Captain Action.

    These are great but somewhat underscale (technicallly they're supposed to be held by huge Gundam mecha, so they are wildly underscale, but let's not get into that). I believe Toy Square still has some of these. The Triad head is for size comparison.

    Also I love the sci-fi weaponry from the "Mutant World" Toy line made a few years ago by Stan Winston (the special effects guy who designed the Predator and Terminator). Toys are 1/9 but all the weaponry is exaggerated and works just fine in 1/6. The same is true by the way for GI Joe Sigma 6, which had also some useful 1/6-suitable futuristic weaponry.

    Finally a recommendation, way out of left field. I've enjoyed using weaponry from Bakugan toys. Some fellow hobbyists can't see this at all and tell me they find it ridiculous. But I like it -- if the "futuristic" look that you're going for is more of a comic book / Heavy Metal thing.

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best 1:6 sci-fi guns