mini dio ideas

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Thread: mini dio ideas

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    mini dio ideas

    guys how would you make a portion of a clff for a Point Du Hoc Ranger scaling it? throw me some ideas

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    Re: mini dio ideas

    I've heard of some people using cork board to great effect.

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    Re: mini dio ideas

    It seems easy to carve a section out of floral foam, its inexpensive and comes in large chunks so you could add to it if need be. If you add ropes they'd need to be buried deeply, a long nail or something could suffice. Then you could even push in additional foot and hand holds if you wanted to.
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    Re: mini dio ideas

    I think a narrow, vertical piece would effectively show the feat the Rangers accomplished.
    The 30 meter cliff would be around 16 foot tall, in scale. That would be something for a museum, a piece about half that height would still be impressive. You might have some luck scrounging some blue or pink foamboard at a construction jobsite, they often dumpster-ize a lot of scraps.
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    Re: mini dio ideas

    Cork board and floral foam are both viable ideas. Just be mindful of the brittleness of floral foam. Any substrate you use will probably require a durable material coating (perhaps Durham's Water Putty or a stiff acrylic gel).

    I'm an advocate of the pink insulation foam. It's inherently more durable, carves well, receives tool marks easily without removing too much material, and can be layered to desired depth. Here's some WIP stuff I have related to rock-faces using it (click for larger image):

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    Re: mini dio ideas

    Granted, yours would need to be significantly larger, but I made a decent-looking (and really inexpensive) cliff for my MOTUC figures using a ceiling tile. Basically break it up into longish pieces, glue it together then use a wire brush to make the breakages look worn down. My paint job was designed to look like the colour of Castle Greyskull, but a more realistic paint job would make it work for your plans, I think.
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    Re: mini dio ideas

    Old school...

    Chicken wire and paper mache.

    How to Paper Mache

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    Re: mini dio ideas

    Model railroad modellers use poly styrene foam on a rigid base and cover it wth srtips of cotton gauze soaked in 'wet' plaster of paris to form a hard shell.

    It's heavier than using just foam but it's a damn sight stronger, just like a plaster cast is and it can be easily sculpted.

    Here is a example of my very first attempt at using plaster to form rock cliffs for a 1/48 scale WWII diorama.
    (This is a very early test picture before the rock cliffs were completely finished.)

    You get pretty fine detailing in the small scales and astounding detail when it's used in larger ones.

    Also if you can work a 'squeeze trigger' spray bottle, then you can paint it up just like it did with mine.
    [ame=]Painting Rock Faces Using Acrylic Washes - YouTube[/ame]

    Or if you prefer to use a brush.
    [ame=]Model Railroad Scenery - Painting Rocks - YouTube[/ame]

    Besides, it might be a better choice just based on in its strength alone, after all you dont want your figure to take a fall because of prop breakage.

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    Re: mini dio ideas

    I would use blue foam, model rail plaster rock casts, and also the scenic materials they have. Depends on how big you want it. You could just do a flat piece of wood and mount the stuff straight to that. Or, you could do two pieces of wood at a 90 degree, with one on the bottom. Kind of like a book end. Then fill that area with the foam, and on the sides trim it to match the contour with thin masonite... then paint that black. That would be a typical look for a museum piece.

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