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Thread: Movie Guns Database

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    Movie Guns Database

    I was planning on doing my very first kitbash of a Black Hawk Down Delta looking for the correct guns they used in the movie and I just came across a website that helped me identify the particular guns. It seems this database may have it all.
    Main Page - imfdb :. guns in movies :. movie guns :. the internet movie firearms database

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    Re: Movie Guns Database

    Here's the BHD movie page.
    Black Hawk Down - imfdb :. guns in movies :. movie guns :. the internet movie firearms database
    If you want camo/equip detail there are a few pix from the sof museum :
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    Re: Movie Guns Database

    All the guns from all the movies. Go there lots. I do.

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    Re: Movie Guns Database

    Seen this website before, its just a wealth of info.

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    Re: Movie Guns Database

    Yeah, it's ace!

    It helped me pick the right handgun for my Bourne bash.


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