I have just had an idea develop for my next kitbash, based on this picture from my reference books.

And as usual with me i never make things easy for myself, as i want to make the mountain and ledge that the soldier is on from cork bark.
But the problem i have is i want to see if anyone has or knows of a clear colour picture looking directly down the side of a mountain?

I will try to explain the idea.

The purpose of the picture is that on the base i want to use where the edge of the ledge is. The picture is flat on the base around the edge, so that perspective wise it looks like the mountain continues down through the base.

One i did find is below, but it is too small.


As i have found that with some of the pictures, the transisition between what would be the ledge i want to build for the figure, and the drop off into the distance is wrong. I can't put my finger on exactly what is wrong with the pictures, but when look above the figure down into the photo i printed out, something just seems out of place.