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Thread: Q on LC2 webgear

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    Q on LC2 webgear

    Hello guys I have a questionn about LC2 web gear (Toy Soldier): is still in service in US Armed Forces (marines, Army...).
    My idea us to use these accesories with an Intercertor vest (Coyote colour), kitbashing an US soldier in Irak.

    All comments are wellcome.

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    I have seen pics of some US forces wearing it very early on in the conflict.I don't know about now
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    Yes when they first entered A-stan some M16 Pouches were still used, not anymore though. It might be still in use during the Robin Sage Exercise, and maybe National Guard (but i doubt even that).
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    It's still in service in all branches. It just depends on the soldiers preference, and whether molle gear is issued or not.

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    so the LC-2 would fit which range of years? Early 1990s to early 2002 to be exact...

    working on putting things together for an early 90s USAF Security Police airman in BDUs, beret..etc...

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    Thank you very much guys, I want to use these items:

    -OD LC2 M16/M4 Mag. Pouches x2
    -OD LC2 1QT canteen Pouches With Canteens x2
    -OD LC2 Compass Pouches x2
    -OD LC2 butt pack x1

    Image from Echobasetoys.com

    What do you think?.

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Q on LC2 webgear