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Thread: customization area?

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    Lightbulb customization area?

    Hello all!
    A little about me... I am OBSESSED with Predator, as in Yautja.
    When I was younger, I found a Japanese predator figure in a comic shot... and did not buy it! Kicking myself for that later I quickly snatched up a Billiken vinyl model from the original predator movie. I put it together, was all happy. My buddy helped me paint it (he's fenominal with metal weathering) I was REALLY happy...
    then came the issues...
    Couldn't pose him, he wouldn't stay standing, he collected a LOT of dust, then I thought: "HEY, why not take a sixth scale figure and "costum-ize" it?!" So, four years (I was in the military, not a lot of time) and I don't know how much money later, I have a reasonable faximily of a fully functional predator 15" tall figure... with some issues.

    My question, for those brave enough to point me in the right direction, is customization directions from forums, links, what have you, as I am not all that good at this point to do such things as weathering/painting, plastic casting (HORRIBLE failed attempts to make 'bendy hands') and glues/sealants/materials proper to make this guy not only a one of a kind, but also the envy of the (drool) sideshow 14" preds from the AVP movie (of which I have ordered both the Chopper Pred, and the Anchant Pred... oh cost much?)

    ANY help would be GREATLY appreciative!


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    I don't know about other sites but here custom tips forum is your best bet. http://http://www.onesixthwarriors.c...ote=1&p=473014
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    I know exactly what you mean, It was the Predator that got me into resin kits, and painting. I alway's wished that they would come out with a 1/6 Predator, but when they did, ouch! the price!.
    Thats why I made my own. It's not too hard, really. You just need to be patient. As for customizing, This site is the best! Just search through the tips section, and the galleries for insperation.This is my pPredator that I just finished last month
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