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Thread: Sea Int'l: 3 Kingdoms' Chinese Warriors

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    Quote Originally Posted by mx22
    MSRP for these figures is $100/each, so that lot of 5 at $74/each is really a bargain. I doubt you will see this price on any of the online stores...

    That's what I was thinking. It's really a stellar price!

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    I just got an email from the Sea Int'l guys and I'll have reviews of these in late Feb/early March (or as soon as they become available). They're currently in production and I'll have more pics and news/info on the figs on frontpage ASAP!

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    The maroon piece shall end up in my shelf, Guan Yu the leading piece seems nice but the moulded front robe is a put-off

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    i'm quite disappointed that Huang Zhong doesn't have his trademark bow and arrows and Zhang Fei doesn't have his famous Snake Spear. Guan Yu also missed out on his trademark long beard...

    Also, I think it is really cool if Zhang Fei's body is stout instead of the usual trim and fit body.

    But I guess all those can be accomplished with a little customising yeah ;-)

    It is a great collection of figures. Pity I won't be getting them because of budget constraints.

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    I figure it wouldn't be too hard to give Guan Yu his beard but how the hell do you not give it to him in the first place? They got the red face and the green robes and forget his beard?

    And yeah, Zhang Fei without his snake spear? They're like, standard for these'd be like making the Monkey King and not giving him his staff and instead a fan or something...

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Sea Int'l: 3 Kingdoms' Chinese Warriors