question about the definition of kitbashing

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Thread: question about the definition of kitbashing

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    question about the definition of kitbashing

    can someone define th term kitbashing for me? i guess what i'm wondering is, are TS and ACE kits considered bashing or no?

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    For me the definition of Kitbashing is the combination of differernt parts from different companys to make a representation of a figure thats not readily available commercially. Personally I would consider TS or ACE kits kitbashing kits, as you know TS or ACE dont include figures with their kits so you have to supply your own figure.

    Quote Originally Posted by jonbondave
    can someone define th term kitbashing for me? i guess what i'm wondering is, are TS and ACE kits considered bashing or no?
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    Kitbashing is the art of taking existing peices/sets/and putting them together to make a figureor weapon. I am primarily a "Basher", I take parts from different sets and put them together to make up what I like or want.

    Customising is the art of making your own parts/ pieces to add to a figure. I do customise some peices for my figures such as making real leather holsters and belts.

    So what that means is that I'm primarily a basher who customises some of his own parts.

    Hope that helped.

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    Kit bashing is when you take 2 or more kits and bash them together...

    The term originally came from the modeling world, when you took 2 different kits to get a cool vehicle (say a hanomog and a flak or somthing, to get a mobile flak truck)...

    If you take an ACE kit, and mix it with a different kit its kitbashing... Just sticking it on a figure isnt really kitbashing though, you have to change it up and add a few things...
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    i liked the defintion that contained the idea of making something "new" that isn't commercially available. i don't think that defines kitbashing entirely, but i like the concept. I would add to it though, that you can kitbash something that IS commercially available, if you use other parts and pieces to do so. For example, I kitbashed a Waterloo Scotsman ages ago, from some DML pieces, some Sideshow pieces, and some cotswold pieces, when I could have simply bought a complete cotswold waterloo outfit.

    Taking a figure, and giving him a different weapon is not IMO, kitbashing, even though there may not be a "US WWII Para Sargeant from the 403 with a Thompson" in the market. My Johnson Rifle carrying Marine is not a kitbash, IMO... Just a readily available figure and gear, with a different weapon.

    Kitbashing is putting things together in ways that aren't thought of yet, or in ways not readily available, to create something that YOU have a vision of.

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    I have 2 cents.
    I've always thought of kitbashing as taking existing parts and re-combining them. Customising is modifying or creating gear from scratch. This would include headsculpts and bodies/body parts, uni's etc. Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact they often occur simultaneously which is why there is a percieved grey area attached to the terms.
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question about the definition of kitbashing