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Thread: blackhawk down

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    blackhawk down

    any one no where to get good 1/6 scale blackhawk down era stuff?

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    Well I'll suggest echobasetoys. You can get the new toy soldier LC-2 webbing gear which will come with pretty much what you need in terms of harness and pouches. Also the toy soldier 6-color kevlar helmet will also do the trick. You also get the 3-color bdu's from them too, oh and if they sill have them the ranger RBA from dml there too. For boots you can either get the regular molded kind made by BBI or try the nice cloth toy soldier ones. Hope that helps. One more thing I forgot, the toy soldier D-boy set, and ranger set are new complete sets for a bhd figure.

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    Wartoys has some DML lc2 gear, Ops Toys has almost all the Lc2 gear you would need aswell.

    Echo base probably has the most complete selection though, and from multiple companies too.
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blackhawk down