TS MIKE FORCE figure background/history MIKE Forces in Vietnam.

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Thread: TS MIKE FORCE figure background/history MIKE Forces in Vietnam.

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    Post TS MIKE FORCE figure background/history MIKE Forces in Vietnam.

    For those interested.

    I was googleing to find out more about Mike Forces in Vietnam when I came upon this site: http://www.mikeforcehistory.org/

    The site is still under construction but if you look in the Timeline section and "click here to VIEW ALL", There is some pretty good info on the creation of MIKE Forces and Personal accounts/stories by former members.
    Heres a snipet:

    Inclosure 2 (Area Assessment) to After Action Report Detachment A-113, dtd 28 March 1966.

    1.(C) General:
    a. Mission: The mission of Detachment A-113 was to recruit, train and employ in combat operations a MIKE (Nung) Force of up to 600 Chinese (Nung) soldiers indigenous to the Re-public of Vietnam.

    The mission of the MIKE Force was:
    (1) Reinforcement of a threatened CIDG Camp area or
    to a CIDG area under attack.
    (2) Relief of a besieged CIDG Force.
    (3) Temporary replacement for combat ineffective units.
    (4) Reconnaissance to locate Viet Cong targets.
    (5) DZ/LZ selection, marking and securing to infiltrate or
    exfiltrate other units.
    (6) Act as an immediate reaction combat force.
    (7) Act as security during the initial stages of Camp development.

    b. Location of Detachment: Detachment A-113 was billeted with and received logistical and administrative support from Detachment C-1, 5th Special Forces Group, in Danang, RVN. Dan-ang is a coastal city located in Quang Nam Province approximately 400 miles northeast of Sai-gon in the I Corps CTZ.

    This from the www.mikeforceassoc.org
    The Mike Force was a reaction force that was meant to be force multiplier
    unit comprised of several hundred Mountgnards, Vietnamese, ethnic Cambodians or ethnic Chinese, all organized, equipped, trained, and led by
    United States Army Special Forces and Australian SAS advisors.
    Sometimes there were as few as one or two Americans or
    Australians assigned to a force of several hundred mercenaries.

    It was a difficult task to keep the units focused on their mission to
    reinforce Special Forces camps, and conduct reconnaissance in force,
    combat patrols, and search and destroy missions.
    In some cases, they also recaptured camps that were overrun by
    Viet Cong or North Vietnamese Army Regular forces.

    Detachment A-503-A-504 were a part of the Nha Trang Mike Force
    stationed at Nha Trang, South Vietnam.
    The two detachments were subordinate the Detachment B-55,
    the 5th Mobile Strike Force Command.
    B-55 was in turn subordinate to Headquarters 5th Special Forces Group
    which was also headquartered at Nha Trang.

    The 5th Mobile Strike Force was a country wide Mike Force.
    That means that A-503/A-504 could be deployed any where in the country.
    5th Mobile Strike Force Command kept one company of Mike Force troops on
    alert at all times and could move a company of approximately 150 well armed,
    well trained combat soldiers within an hour of notification that they were needed in a combat area.

    Thanks Again to TS for helping us remember history and honoring the Men of the MIKE Forces in Vietnam!

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    Thanks for the peek. I'm sure, as this figure starts arriving in hot hands, they'll be a lot more research done on their mission and make-up.

    I've heard the term "Mike Force" used numerous times but, until now, had not done a lot of reading on the unit.
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    Read the book "No Greater Love" by James Donahue { title has been re-named to Blackjack-33....or Blackjack-34}.....


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    There's references to various bits of the TS kit (tigers and boonie cap) as "John Wayne" items. I believe this refers to the segment in The Green Berets where Wayne's character leads a Mike Force to relieve the besieged camp. Members of the force were also called strikers, I believe, and the boonie type with the short brim as a striker hat. This is stuff I'm recalling from '68, so.....

    21C released a Mike Force soldier, toward the end of their run of onesix figures.
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    Great site you found there Dunkle, its fascinating browsing the members picture section comparing gear and really seeing how much some of these guys have changed over the years. It's a shame that you don't get a backpack with the Toy Soldier figure.
    Blackjack 34 was the one that was formerly titled as "no greater love", both 34 and 33 were very interesting reads if you like special operations stuff and bringing the heat to the enemy. Reading the books it seemed that these guys were as good if not better than the enemy in jungle tactics because of the native bodes and other ethnic races that made up the mike force. They moved around steathily like the enemy sometimes in groups of up to 150 men often remaining in the bush for weeks on end, supplied by chopper or eating whatever the jungle had to offer. Together with American Technology, tactics and Airpower they could tip the scales to their side and inflict heavy casualties to a large number of enemy forces.
    Incidentally James C. Donahue was in the same platoon as Colonel James "Bo" Gritz, who was a Captain then and the most decorated Green Beret to come out of Vietnam who was apparently the inspiration for Rambo! I think he's become some kind of a Far right anti government guy now though.
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    "John Wayne" does refer to the Duke, but in this case it specifically refers to a type of tigerstripe pattern, this one, obviously, named after the pattern used and worn in "The Green Berets"...

    Also, the Aussies leading some of the MIKE Force units may or may not have been SAS qualified--many undoubtedly were--(see "Through the Wire," by David Savage) but they were in fact members of and assigned to the Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam (AATTV), aka "The Team"...

    There were four Mobile Strike Force Commands, one for each Corps Tactical Zone, plus the 5th, which, as stated above, operated coutrywide...

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TS MIKE FORCE figure background/history MIKE Forces in Vietnam.