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    Huey Slick

    For a Vietnam diorama, I'm looking for the cargo section forward of a UH-1D/H Huey (cargo compartment and cockpit only; tail boom is wasted space and will only piss off my wife).

    Any recommednations who out there is capable of such a project?

    Many thanks


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    James Desimone makes a helo that's a severely truncated "CH-47". It could be adapted to resemble a Huey if you used the forward section including the doors. Of course the forward rotor housing would have to be cut away and doors for the pilots would have to be installed. If you're interested I could send you his ebay link.

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    ^sounds interesting. I quit building my 47 and 60 helis awhile ago, but would love to see someone else's for re-inspiration. Would you send me the link just for kicks?

    Spike, I think I've seen quite a few people obtain or build shells for RC helicraft such as Hueys on the RCheli forum

    I think this thread and this gallery album are a couple of the hueys I can remember seeing there. I think there was one other that a member converted to a lynx or something...

    Sorry for the less than spectacular response, but hopefully they could point u in the right direction for a shell and interior detailing kit.

    If not, join the posterboard/cardboard helicopter club

    Oh yeah, there was/is also a 1/6th cobra that a member built and sold on that forum somewhere; And my favourite for the longest time, an xxscale seahawk

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    ONESIXTH what is that link I think I have one of his choppers and would like to see some of the other stuff

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    James Desimone makes a helo that's a severely truncated "CH-47".
    I knew Jim made some great items, but I wasn't aware his stock included helicopters.

    Looking at it now, I'd say his CH-47 is a pretty nice addition to the line, but I wonder if Jim (or someone) could build the front half or third of a Huey or CH-46? For diorama purposes, it would be a more workable alternative than putting troops into an undersized vehicle and would certainly fill the bill for those of us who are space-challenged.

    Here's Desimone's link BTW
    Malta, MT

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    UH-1 and CH-46

    If someone has general dimensions...I can do some checking. There are three of us in the process of researching and building the cockpit section of an F-86A (just aft of the canopy opening forward) for the BBI Bud Mahurin figure for display only. It hasn't been top shelf yet, but the prelim's and drawings to scale are about done. If this is a wanted thing without a near deadline, it's very possible. Some other info...would the Sea Knight need to be from the aft midspan bulkhead forward (including nose gear)? For the UH-1...I'm assuming from the aft transmission bulkhead (roughly aft cargodoor opening) forward including skids?
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    You might PM Mike45, he's down in Australia, and building a onesix Huey.
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