Jedi Leather boots?

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Thread: Jedi Leather boots?

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    Jedi Leather boots?

    Anyone know how to make Star Wars Jedi boots out of leather and what it would entail? What about Jedi robes that are more realistic?


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    Stormwalker ... Not sure how to go about making Jedi boots , but has some nice leather Japanese officers boots by Newline minatures that would probably work perfect .

    As for the clothing , just throw the hasbro ones in the washer with some fabric softener .
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    here is the website of the guy who makes the boots posted above.
    could probably make any kind of boot you wanted.

    those boots alyasha posted would probably work perfect for mace windu boots. you could probably use them for anakin as well, just cut the shin guard things off the hasbro boots and put them on the leather boots, or i'm sure that guy at new line could make you anything you want.
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    jeid robe???

    this is kinda somethng like luke, anakin or dooku would wear, but maybe the guy who runs ops gear could connect you with the person who made this cloak and they could make some with sleeves.
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Jedi Leather boots?