Lt., KOSB, 9Bde,3rd Div, Le Mensil, June 7, 1944

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Thread: Lt., KOSB, 9Bde,3rd Div, Le Mensil, June 7, 1944

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    Arrow Lt., KOSB, 9Bde,3rd Div, Le Mensil, June 7, 1944

    This is my latest Normandy Canadian/British bash.

    1st King's Own Scottish Borderers
    9th Brigade, 3rd Division
    Le Mensil, Normandy
    June 7, 1944

    This officer is a forward observer of the KOSB in the actions around Le Mensil.
    He is sending corrections to a naval wireless post on the beachhead, that will relay the information to the warships offshore.

    HS: Doc Peterson
    Helmet it the bbi MkIII with the net from the DML MkII. Schrim added from pieces of cloth.
    I remove the liner, add the net with CA, then trim the net and replace the liner. I use a large needle to thread the schrim in the net.
    The BD is from Liam, Shirt, tie and binoculars from Roy figure.
    Insingia is from CVI, some of it custom using CVI paper/cloth.
    The wireless is from the bbi SAS figure. There are two sections to this radio, one is strapped to the chest with web belts, the other part of the radio is in the officers pouch on the officers left hip. I used the telephone piece from a German wireless set.
    Repainted DML waterbottle and replaced elastic with painted MFisher cloth ribbon.
    Holster is from Roy, but I used the revolver that came with the bbi British Para. Used the nech string fromt he Roy pistol replacing the bbi elastic, the DML looked better.
    The 37 web straps are form the Reggie figure and the ammo pouches are fromt he bbi Para figure. Not sure if this is the correct pattern for officers but given the parts I had this was close enough for me.
    Boots are from TUS with the moulded straps removed from the gaiters and the straps from bbi gaiters added.
    I painted the boots brown to represent a pair of officer boots.
    This is one more experiment on my quest to get a better look with British/Canadian boots.

    This bash was inspired by a photo on the Osprey CAEN 1944 Campaign book. Initially it was going to be a pair of figures, one the officer and a Bren gunner with the wireless relayin the information, but decided on a single figure.
    I selected this unit as it was one that fit the timeline and also I had the shouldertitles from the CVI airborne infantry set. There were several battalions of KOSB and this one was not airborne infantry.
    We have a lot of great variety from CVI but I would love to see a NW Europe British unit set... hint, hint...
    There is a set int he bonus sheet, but we NEED MORE! 8)
    Here some images.

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    Nice work.
    I was planning on doing a ETO SAS fig using that radio.
    Seems a shame to keep that sweet BBi revolver covered up.

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    Just outstanding Eduardo. A fine counterpoint to your German figures. Beautifully executed.
    You are
    What you do
    When it counts---The Masao
    - Ryan Bonaminio lived his life this way -

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    Great posing, I luvv all the gear, especially all the modifications you've made, and the tie really adds to his officer look. Excellent work, Egonzinc

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    Terrific looking figure!

    Glad to see the Commonwealth forces being represented.
    Maintiens le Droits

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Lt., KOSB, 9Bde,3rd Div, Le Mensil, June 7, 1944