New Figures? (look awesome!)

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Thread: New Figures? (look awesome!)

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    New Figures? (look awesome!)

    Anyone ever hear of these figures look kinda cool, I get sick of the military guys sometimes. Here is the link-

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    LOL, You are too funny Bro! now all you need is a 1/6th trailer or street corner.
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    LOL, someone was selling one of the drag queen figures last week on, you never know what people will come up with next....
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    Man, Thailand flashback.

    I thought the Decepticons had already been done by Transformers?
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    Trailer Trash Dolls

    Yea, a friend of mine and his wife gave me the Blonde with the little piglet as a gag Birthday gift a few years ago. The box has the phrase, "my daddy says I am the best kisser in the county" or something along those lines. I meant to have a trailer set up and a few of the "badder" troops, lined up for some RnR, but then I thought better as I have neighbors and they have kids who like to look at my toy room and figures

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    I'd love to see someone do a 1/6th photo shoot of the show Cops. Half the time thats what you see on that show! 6 ft 5 prostitutes with high heels and a 5 o'clock shadow
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New Figures? (look awesome!)