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I've been really busy lately and I apologize for the lack of posts. I've been finalizing this project and working full time. This is for everyone interested. My response and the storyline is at the bottom half of the page. Thanks in advance.

WAR! 1/6 EPIC FILM ...now recruiting "ACTORS"

Hope everyone can join in. It will be lots of fun and very fulfilling to all.

WAR! 1/6 EPIC FILM is the EPIC STORY of WWII as told with the use 1/6 Scale Models. Creator Jack Yang of L.A. CALIFORNIA has been collecting 1/6 WWII ERA MILITARY MODELS for 10yrs and is now recruiting more participants to help bring his vision to reality with the use of all 1/6 WWII MODELS.

We are looking for participants willing to use their 1/6 scale WWII FIGURES, VEHICLES, AIRCRAFT , DIORAMAs and more to help produce this one of a kind EPIC FILM!
Jack Yang has all the film & production equipment, elaborate models and more to begin filming this summer... what he is lacking are more participants to operate their own WWII ERA 1/6 tanks, jeeps, AFV's , R/C AIRCRAFT , etc allowing greater range and scope of filming to be possible.

WAR! 1/6 EPIC FILM YAHOO GROUP is looking for A FEW GOOD MODELERS excited to utilize their models alongside JACK's to produce a great film... SO if you have ever wanted to see your model(s) in HIGH DEF in the most realistic setting and film possible this is your chance of a lifetime!

PLEASE NOTE this is for WWII ERA 1/6 SCALE only...
if you have a 1/5 or 1/7 those models will also work , just keeping to the WW II THEME IS MOST IMPORTANT. Filming will take place in the greater L.A., CALIFORNIA area but willing to travel to you if you have a group of modelers that want to be filmed and are sufficient in # to make travel and filming out of state a worthwhile endeavor. Please post with this group if you want to be considered.

"WE WANT YOU" so join the group today @

warepicfilm : WAR! 1/6 EPIC FILM

YAHOO GROUP or [email protected]





Hello to all,

I'm very excited about this project as I have been working on it for the past 10 years. Thanks to Tomas for helping me with the task of rounding up the gang for this ultimate war epic. I couldn't do it without his help.

WAR! is a story that starts on Thanksgiving Day, 1941 with one grandson's question to his grandfather, "What is war?" The grandfather, who recently fought in WWI and whose own sons have joined the armed forces to protect America begrudgingly answers his grandson with firsthand accounts of the Great War. As the old man begins to find peace in educating the young boy his tales take his grandson and the audience on a voyage through time and key points in history when wars were fought for different reasons but all with the same outcome- death and more war. When this question is asked, it sparks a flame that also inspires other people all around the world to respond to the question. Their first hand accounts during the story reveal the damaging effects of war on a global scale. These stories all find parallels with events that take place in real time as the grandfather's own sons experience the war that changed our civilization and our world forever.

This is the story I am going to tell. It will all be done in 1/6th and with remote controlled vehicles and people. The sets will be built by set builders who are out of work because our movie industry has gone to computer generated backgrounds. Although Tomas stated that this project is WWII and it primarily is I will also need anything and everything from all points in history. This means Vikings, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Medieval Knights, Samurais, Napoleonic cannons and soldiers, American Civil War cannons and soldiers, horses in all types of bridles and saddles, and everything in between. I will require all the stories of war that anyone is willing to share with the world. Please understand that this project is meant to entertain but also teach how man has been fighting the same war since the beginning of time. We only get better at killing each other. If anyone has stories from WWII that they want to share please don't hesitate. The world needs to learn from our grandfathers or else we are doomed to make the same mistakes. I've personally invested the last 10 years of my life and finances to seeing that this project is made. I've collected an unbelievable amount of stuff to shoot. I still need more. I am still collecting more items as we speak but I sure would appreciate any help or donations to the cause. As Tomas stated, if you have stuff that is "camera ready" meaning that it looks like the real thing then please contact me. I am willing to travel if enough people are in a certain area to shoot a big scene like a bunch of planes or tanks in a great location. Since this is primarily an action figure board I would be very interested in any of the amazing period figures that talented artists have put together. This means ALL TIME PERIODS UP TO WWII FOR ALL ACTION FIGURES AND ACCESSORIES. They don't have to be animatronic like my main characters. I can use subtle camera movements along with other movements to make your figures come to like on screen. This is going to blow a lot of minds. Thanks to all who have already willingly offered their services. I will be contacting everyone shortly by email.

I look forward to making this project with the help of everyone who has inspired me to take on such a monumental task. Take care and have a nice day.


Jack Yang