Quick Release Tactical Lanyard (How To!)

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Thread: Quick Release Tactical Lanyard (How To!)

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    Quick Release Tactical Lanyard (How To!)

    Hey guys! I had a few requests about making the lanyard thats on my Rangers M9. Well, here's the best I can do. I left the photos large so you could get the best view of it and I even color coded the parts! Hopefully this will give you an idea how to make one of these, I got the idea from a post a while back made by another member, can't remember who it was (sorry):

    http://www.myphotospace.com/upload/1230/Picture 021.jpg

    Here's a quick idea of what you'll need to make one (colors refer to the arrows in the photo linked above):

    Yellow: Spare webbing, color of your choice (can never go wrong with black)

    Green: Small Fastex buckles, I used the ones that came with the Toy Soldier Protecs, they included a spare one if I remember right

    Orange: Coiled communication wire, like the crap that comes with more recent radio headsets

    Purple: String, I used the black string that came on those horrible black MOPP boots from Dragon

    Red: Belt clips from old Dragon Y-harness (I'm sure we've all broken more than one)

    Blue: Rubber wire coating

    Basically what I did with the Y-harness clips is I trimmed off the excess curved part to make it a straight bar coming from the looped part. I took the coated wire and pulled the wire out from the inside. I stuck a toothpick into where the wire used to be to stretch the inside out a bit so I could get the straight bar of the y-harness clip to fit, as well as the coiled wire on the opposite side, touched it up with a tad of super glue and let it set

    http://www.myphotospace.com/upload/1230/Picture 022.jpg

    This is a close up of how the webbing is looped through the Fastex buckles to create the belt loop. Clip the first Fastex pair together and it will fit just about any belt.

    The Fastex thats connected to the coiled wire is for the quick release.

    Hopefully I didn't cause any confusion with this. I tried to make the photos as clear as possible. I modeled this after the 1/1 lanyard I wear. This is just one of many ways it can be made, so I'm not saying this is the "end all" of lanyard tutorials. Enjoy!
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    Great tutorials!! Thanks for sharing!!

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    cool, thank you
    crisibabe's Swiss Invasion

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    Thanks for the tutorial! You rock!


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    Thank you very much!

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    Nice tutorial EMP! Ya da man!
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    Awesome! I'll probably use this for my next fig!

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    thanks for the great tutorial EMP.
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Quick Release Tactical Lanyard (How To!)