X-Men to lead anti terror fight

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Thread: X-Men to lead anti terror fight

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    X-Men to lead anti terror fight

    Hehehehehehe I thought the title would get your attentions.

    Well here is the article from the British Sun

    X-Men lead war on terror

    A CRACK squad of battle-hardened “X-Men” has been formed to spearhead Britain’s fight against terror.

    The top-secret team is made up of volunteers from the SAS and the SBS who have all seen active service in the Gulf and Afghanistan.

    It is known as X Squadron and is led by a highly-decorated SBS officer and an SAS captain. The group, based at Poole, Dorset, began training three weeks ago and will be on 24-hour worldwide alert.

    It is understood to be the first phase of an expansion of Britain’s Special Forces ordered by the Government because of an increased threat to national security.

    A military source revealed last night: “These guys have already been dubbed X-Men. They are all volunteers who have agreed to put aside the age-old rivalries that have existed between the SAS and the SBS.

    “They will work together, although the SAS guys will continue to wear the winged dagger emblem and the SBS guys will continue to wear their frog emblem.

    “Co-operation has not come easy but top brass have ordered it, so it has been forced through.

    “The squadron will concentrate on fighting terrorism. There are also plans to send some of the guys to the Gulf for short periods.”

    It is understood the unit is currently a dozen men short of its target of 50 and that a second request for volunteers has been issued at the SAS’s Hereford HQ.

    An insider explained: “Because it is based at Poole — home of the SBS — it is seen by many as being more their show than an SAS one.

    “The attitude at Hereford has been, ‘If we’d wanted to join the SBS, we’d have joined the SBS’.

    “X Squadron is likely to remain slightly under-manned for a short time until the SBS can recruit more men from the Royal Marines.”

    The Ministry of Defence declined to comment last night. The news comes just days after SAS Sgt Julian Davis was killed in Iraq.

    I know not exactly the X-men you were thinking of but still pretty cool development
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    LOL The Imagination is Unbounded now guys. Do your BRits however you think they should be.After all no one will have ANY photos of our X men.

    LOL just thought,bet the SAS Capt is bald & the SBS Commander wears one of those SBS boarding helmets ala Prof X & Magneto.......LOL

    Anyway If true (come on it was in the Sun......lol) good luck to the guys & may they both put aside there differences & KNIVES & go get some

    Steel Bonnet

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    Are these guy supposed to be ex-SAS/SBS? if so it just sounds like a dressed up reserve Squadron.

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    Of course, Alyasha has already tackled this subject:

    Blue Elf

    Wolvie 1

    Wolvie 2

    These are probably my favorite customs ever on this board.
    "...Therefore, put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand..." - Ephesians 6:10-18

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    How did the late SAS Sgt lose his life? Didn't hear anything about it. Real tragedy. Condoscelences to his family & mates & to the NOKs of all KIAs of all nationalities. RIP.

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    Sounds like the Brit's decided it was time for the real life version of G.I.Joe.....I would hate to face off against them.

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    Man, I read that article. That paper always runs this .... - secret new anti terror group made up of cyborgs, etc. Not so secret anymore.

    They had an article in yesterday that had a killer Brit sniper pic form Basra - dream pic for Brit kitbasher - but they named a soldier who lives over here in what you might call a politically sensitive area. I'm sure he's over the moon.
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    Ha! Let the kitbashing begin!

    This is a great idea for undercover/civie type Brit bashes!
    Since these guys would prolly do more spying than Direct Action, no?

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X-Men to lead anti terror fight