Joe Pit Report
Thursday, January 28, 2010
This week’s Host: Carl Knight

Steve Bugg and I headed out. Our first stop was Carpenter Foam Packaging Company to pick up our order for the monster diorama this year. Let me tell you that was a LOT of foam!!! We bought three 4 X 8 feet X 12 inch thick sheets of foam and three 4 X 8 feet X 4 inch thick sheets of foam. Loaded the foam on my truck and started our trek. We settled in for the hour and half ride to get to Carl’s.

Once again, we are the first to arrive at Carl’s. He greets us at the door. Besides being a GI Joe fan, Carl’s main collection is Jason (of Friday the 13th fame) and Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street). As we entered, we saw Sideshow “The Dead Figures” on his living room table. I was very impressed with these figures because of my current obsession with zombies. I knew a kindred spirit when I saw one! Carl has a large bookcase in his hallway filled with action figures, from GI Joe to Godzilla and everything in between. Steve and I stood gaping at his collection, seeing action figures we didn’t know were even in existence. Shortly after we arrived, Martin, EJ, David and Charles got there. Carl had a female figure to give to EJ for his collection. EJ was quite excited since his wife likes to help make outfits for the female figures in EJ’s collection. Now that the troops were all here, it was time for the feast to begin. We headed for the kitchen where pizzas had arrived, soft drinks, chips and snacks were handy.

While eating, the conversation drifted to JoeLanta (as it should). We got to talking about who and what was going to be happening. Stephen Stanton, creator of Government Issue Joseph, is going to debut his 20th episode of Government Issue Joseph at the JoeLanta Film Festival. Many of you know Government Issue Joseph from YouTube. Stanton also does voiceovers for Family Guy, Little Debbie, AFLAC, Force Flex Trash Bags, etc. You can check out his website at Official Site of Stephen Stanton. We all moved from the kitchen, with the food of course, to the living room to look at his website and his videos on YouTube. We spent about a half hour and were rolling in the floor laughing at his stuff. EJ had not seen the Joe Pit report for his week, so we pulled it up for him to see. EJ liked seeing his name in print!

Carl had some unopened boxes of action figures he had ordered. EJ and David started opening the boxes. It was like Christmas, there were so many figures. He had Shazam from Marvel Comics, Maureen Robinson from Lost in Space, a variety of D-day figures from Hasbro, Subject 57 from Sideshow and a custom made zombie. Of course the zombie was incredible in my opinion.

We headed out to his shed to see more of his collection. He has shelving around the walls filled with action figures from Star Wars, Anime, and rare finds from national conventions. It was an amazing collection, all in great shape and nicely displayed. On the back wall was a life size figure of Jason Voorhies, makes you want to run from the shed.

To wrap up, I unveiled the prototype of our exclusive for JoeLanta. Everybody was very pleased with it. We are very excited and know you are all gonna love it. Included in the Commander’s Package with the exclusive figure will be a special accessory.

Forty-eight of the Commander’s Packages will be classic collection figures; however, two lucky Commanders will receive a vintage figure. There is one painted head and one flocked head figure. The Commanders Packages will be handed out randomly during the “Who Knows Joe” trivia game.

We hope to have the new website up this weekend. There will be pictures posted of the exclusive figure.

We would like to thank Carl for having us in his home, feeding us and giving us a wonderful evening of action figure bliss. Be sure to keep Jason locked up!!!!!

Until next week, at Buddy Finethy’s, this is Mike Gardner saying… “Play with your toys! ”

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